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What’s Happening in Oilfield Water Markets?

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Example Research Projects

A private-equity backed operator had just signed its first lease in the Delaware Basin before planning the water sourcing and disposal.


Now they were at the mercy of the surface owners on the lease and upside-down on water sourcing and disposal costs. They asked Sourcenergy to research all the water sources and disposals in the area, including nearby operator facilities, to provide market intelligence, alternatives and leverage for the negotiations with the surface owners. Sourcenergy found an unused operator-owned disposal nearby and a long-term low-cost water supplier out of the area that could build a pipeline to their acreage, potentially savings tens of millions of dollars in capital and operating costs over the life of the lease.

An energy supermajor asked Sourcenergy to provide a full assessment of the water market dynamics of a shale basin outside the Permian. Sourcenergy put together a program of custom satellite imagery analytics, public record acquisition, and analyst market research combined into a custom ArcGIS overlay to give a comprehensive picture of the region.

A water treatment company was seeking financing to construct a nine-figure produced water recycling facility in the Permian Basin. Prospective investors wanted an independent appraisal of water and disposal pricing, supply and demand in the market area of the proposed facility in order to confirm the project economics. The company asked Sourcenergy to research these factors and produce the appraisal.

A large ranch owner in the Midland Basin was approached by an operator to sell water on a long-term contract. The ranch owner wasn’t sure if the price offered was fair market value and asked Sourcenergy for a report. Sourcenergy identified and confirmed ten recent water transactions in the same county that showed the price offered was only about one-third of the going rate, enabling the land owner to negotiate for millions of dollars of additional income over the term of the contract.

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