DirtWork Alert™

Gain unparalleled visibility into oilfield drilling and other events
months ahead of permit filings and rig movements.

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How can you detect oilfield opportunities before the permits are filed, before your competition discovers them? How can you avoid chasing permits that might never get drilled?

Sourcenergy has developed a new way to identify where real upstream activity is likely to occur. We apply artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to satellite imagery and permit data together to show oilfield activity earlier, more accurately and more completely than any other source. Our satellite imagery analytics methods are so advanced they have earned ten U.S. patents, with many more pending.

Well Pad Detection Ahead of Permits
Sourcenergy’s satellite imagery well pad detection methods have about a 90% true positive rate for Permian oil and gas well pads in advance of any drilling permit filing, and 99% accuracy after permit. In fact, satellite well pad detections are often a more accurate method for locating wells than regulatory filings, because the GPS coordinates on drilling permits and wellbore records often have erroneous or missing location details.

Frac Pond Detection Ahead of Completions

In addition, our satellite frac pond detections are highly predictive of new completions nearby even before a frac crew arrives (84% correlation), and in Texas there are no permits or regulatory records of any kind for most frac ponds, so our patented methods are the only way to find them across a large area.

DirtWork Alert Time Machine™
Imagery time machine. Draw a box of any size, anywhere in North America, and instantly generate a movie of the surface development of that location going back 18 months (history back to 2016 is available on request.) See whether there has been recent activity on the pad, the last time pits were filled or emptied, or whether pipelines have been connected to the site.

Spot the best oilfield deals first, without wasting your shots:

  • See new Permian well pads before the drilling permits or rigs show up
  • Avoid wasting time on permits that are not ready to drill.
  • See new frac ponds as they appear, strongly correlating to imminent completions.
  • Instantly see the development history of any site in the DirtWork Alert Time Machine™ so you can decide for yourself if the deal is real.
  • Get automatic alerts when any oilfield action – pads, permits, rigs, pits — happens in your customized areas of interest.
DirtWork Alert™ includes all of the standard oil and gas, disposal and injection, groundwater and surface data and GIS tools, plus the exclusive data sets below:
Satellite Frac Ponds & Reserve Pits Permian (TX, NM)
DirtWork Alert™ Time Machine Instant Visual Development History USA
FracScape™ Near Real-Time Drilling Rig Tracking (includes private rigs) Permian (TX, NM)

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