Near Real-Time Frac Crew and DUC Tracking.

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FracScape™ applies patented satellite imagery and mobile GPS analytics to show you every Permian frac crew every day. See frac and completion activity before it’s reported, months ahead of regulatory filings and earnings reports. See private operator movements and supply chain activities that are never reported to any other source, down to individual truckloads of sand, water and crude. Discover E&P relationships to see what pressure pumpers are working with the top operators.


Avoid Frac Hits
Detect and prepare for offset fracs to avoid surprise frac hits. The larger and more complex your acreage, the greater the risk that conventional schedule-sharing fails.

Save on Crews
Contract free rigs and frac spreads near your leases before they return to the yard, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars in transport costs per job. Take full advantage of the spot market for oilfield services.

Manage Water Supply Risk
Get ahead of competition for water, sand and other scarce resources to avoid costly shortages and delays. Find hidden excess resources such as water and sand near your operations and save on procurement and logistics costs.

Benchmark Performance
Measure and compare your true drilling and completions cycle times to any and every other operator by location, well type, well depth and service company.

Oilfield Services

Go DUC Hunting
See accurate DUC well locations by operator, updated daily, to get the edge on future opportunities for water, sand, disposal, pumping, flowback and other completion services.  See today’s DUCs even for the operators that never report their private rig movements and win on lower bids near your current crew, route, pipeline and facility locations.

Win Post-Frac Deals
See exact frac crew locations daily to get ahead of post-frac service opportunities such as well cleanouts, pad cleanups, well servicing and artificial lift.

Beat Back Your Competition
See where operators are doing business with your competitors and where you could do better with shorter cycle times, better routes and closer crews and facilities. Walk in with the better bid.

Investment/Financial Services

See E&P Well Inventory and Cycle Times Ahead of Earnings Calls
Count DUCs, completions, and cycle times from permit to drilling to completion with independent, 3rd party verification. Create more accurate, real-time models of well inventories, statuses and drilling and completion costs, even for the companies that don’t disclose them.

See Completion Trends by Operator and Area
See exactly who is doing business with whom, where, how often, and for how long earlier and with greater specificity. See how these factors are trending between companies and over time.

Model Upstream Commodity Supply and Demand

Model and predict crude and gas production earlier, more completely and more accurately than from any other source. Do the same for key upstream inputs such as sand, water, disposal, rigs and frac spreads.

FracScape™ includes all of the standard oil and gas, disposal and injection, groundwater and surface data and GIS tools, plus exclusive data sets below:
DirtWork Alert™ Well Pad Detection Ahead of Permits Permian (TX, NM)
DirtWork Alert Time Machine™ Instant Visual Development History USA
FracScape™ Near Real-Time Drilling Rig Tracking (includes private rigs) Permian (TX, NM)
FracScape™ Near Real-Time Frac Crew Tracking Permian (TX, NM)
FracScape™ Near Real-Time DUC & Completion Tracking Permian (TX, NM)

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