WATCH: DUG Permian 2022 Conference – Reducing Seismicity Risk & Finding Water Supply Chain Opportunities

By Greg Tsichlis - June 29, 2022

The DUG Permian Basin & Eagle Ford Conference, May 2022, featured a presentation titled “Reducing Seismicity Risk & Gaining Opportunities in the Water Supply Chain“.

The video of this presentation is now available for replay.

Josh Adler, CEO, Sourcenergy, presents his insights on the seismicity concerns in the Permian Basin and specifically the commercial impact on crude production, SWDs and produced water.

Here is a sneak peak of the video and topics to be discussed:

  • Understanding Seismic Response Areas (SRA) in the Permian
  • What are the commercial impacts of Texas SRAs on crude production and SWD
  • How to defend (and protect) your assets in the SRAs
  • Strategies for planning and developing new SWDs in the Permian

DUG Permian Basin May 2022 Sourcenergy analysis seismicity impact

Watch the video


For more information on seismicity in the Permian and how to navigate in this new seismic landscape to assess and manage the risk in your operations please check these resources:

Induced Seismicity – How to assess and manage seismic risk in oilfield operations

Sourcewater GeoTM – A geoscience platform custom-built for saltwater disposal design and induced seismicity risk analytics