WATCH: PWS Permian Basin Conference 2022 – Solving Recycling and Seismicity with Real-Time Frac Crew Tracking

By HQ Bonafide - August 26, 2022

Live at the Produced Water Society Permian Basin Conference in Midland in August 2022, Sourcenergy founder and CEO, Josh Adler, shows how new technologies for tracking frac crews in real-time can help E&P water managers, water midstreams, SWD owners and recyclers to identify produced water recycling and disposal opportunities and reduce the risk and impacts of induced seismicity.

This video discusses the following topics:

  • [3:44] How Sourcenergy fuses data from satellites, cell phones, regulatory reports and geoscience models to generate new kinds of geospatial energy intelligence
  • [7:19] The latest research on the primary causes of induced seismicity
  • [8:20] What is surprising in the findings of causes of induced seismicity
  • [8:50] Regulatory actions to reduce seismicity
  • [10:30] How the energy industry can adjust to induced seismicity: attributing risk, de-risking disposal and recycling more
  • [11:46] The biggest challenges to successful seismicity response
  • [14:56] How Sourcenergy is solving those challenges with new kinds of geospatial intelligence such as real-time frac crew tracking, water supply chain activity and geologic fault line maps


View a demo of Sourcenergy’s frac-crew tracking product, Fracscape, or email [email protected] for more information.