NorthAm Royalties Assembly Features Sourcenergy CEO Josh Adler

By Greg Tsichlis - November 2, 2021

Were you in Houston on October 13, 2021? No worries.

If you missed last month’s NorthAm Royalties Assembly hosted by the Minerals & Royalties Council, then you are in the right place now.


In this video segment Josh Adler, CEO, Sourcenergy, presents on how mineral buyers can get an edge on their competition. In particular, Josh talks about how new technologies are changing the ground game in the mineral investing community. Technologies like satellite imagery, synthetic aperture radar (SAR), mobile GPS data and artificial intelligence (AI).

Josh breaks the presentation into two main objectives of mineral intelligence:

  • How to spot deals before your competitor
  • Better valuations — better times and probabilities of future production

So check out this video replay for real examples of the Sourcenergy platform. It also highlights two of our newest and most exciting intelligence tools:

  • DirtWork AlertTM – detecting lease developments and drilling plans ahead of permit submissions to get a better probability of which permits will get drilled
  • FracScapeTM – near real-time tracking of frac and rig crews for the true status and probabilities of permits, DUCs, and initial production