Pre-Drilling Activities in the Permian Up 8.5% in December 2021

By Greg Tsichlis - January 13, 2022

Analysis from Sourcenergy DirtWork AlertTM detected an increase of 8.5% in pre-drilling activity in the Permian Basin in December 2021 compared to November 2021.

713 oil & gas pre-drilling activities were detected in December compared to 657 in November.  These detections include well pad and frac pond developments, and in many cases, are discovered before a permit has been filed.

Permian Basin pre-drill activity up 8.5% in Dec 2021 vs Nov 2021

Here is a list of the top 10 operators driving this activity (along with associated detections):

  • Oxy (36)
  • Diamondback (30)
  • Pioneer (29)
  • Mewbourne ( 19)
  • Hibernia (18)
  • Endeavor (13)
  • Surge ( 13)
  • EOG (12)
  • XTO (12)
  • Blackbeard (10)

For additional details on operators, surface owners and locations of this pre-drill (and pre-permit) activity please contact us: [email protected]


DirtWork AlertTM uses satellite technology (see image below) in combination with permit data and applies artificial intelligence & machine learning to identify upstream activity earlier and more accurately than any other source.  And in many instances these pre-drilling activities are detected before a permit has been filed.