Permian Basin: Permits with Well Pad Development Up 35% in March 2022

By Greg Tsichlis - April 19, 2022

March 2022, in the Permian Basin, DirtWork AlertTM detected 426 permits on 143 well pads currently under construction or completed. Permits with active pad development are up 35% vs February 2022.

The total number of pads associated to these permits increased from 85 in February to 143 in March (+68%).

Many drilling permits are filed but many are never drilled. It is important to identify those permits where drilling is actually going to take place. In many cases, well pads and ponds are being constructed before the permit is filed. DirtWork Alert can identify these activities occuring ahead of permits.

March 2022 well pad developments in the Permian

Here is a list of the top 10 operators driving this activity (along with associated pad detections):

  • EOG (45)
  • Diamondback (41)
  • ConocoPhillips (33)
  • Oxy (28)
  • Blackbeard (17)
  • Mewbourne (13)
  • Apache (12)
  • MCM (12)
  • Pioneer (11)
  • Devon (10)

New well pad construction in the Permian March 2022 This map shows site activity locations (blue dots) along with TX SRA (red lines) and NM seismic regions (yellow) and fault lines (black lines). Source: Sourcenergy


For additional details on operators, surface owners and locations of this pre-drill (and pre-permit) activity please contact us: [email protected]


DirtWork Alert uses satellite technology in combination with permit data and applies artificial intelligence & machine learning to identify upstream activity earlier and more accurately than any other source.  And in many instances these pre-drilling activities are detected before a permit has been filed.

DirtWork Alert: No more chasing permits that are never drilled.