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Sourcenergy’s patented system scans over 900 Texas and New Mexico newspapers each day for the public notices required for all new disposal and injection wells. Our U.S. patent granted system is trained to automatically scan all of the notices then algorithmically place them on a map so you can be alerted anytime a notice is published in your area of interest. Whether you work in regulatory, compliance, drilling & completions, or operate an SWD, we can provide you with the earliest possible detection of future SWD activity to keep an eye on your competition and avoid interference with your wells.

Pre-Permit notices are mapped and placed in the most accurate areas possible, giving you the clearest of insights.

Key Features and Benefits


  • Pre-Permit Alert is available to you as a layer on our base water intelligence platform.
  • If you would like to receive daily alerts, simply select an area of interest in our platform to get these automatic notifications.
  • You can see insights and trends over time by county, operator, formation, and more.
  • We give you one-of-a-kind alerts and a mapping system you won’t find elsewhere (U.S. patent granted).


  • With Pre-Permit Alert, you’ll never miss another SWD protest again.
  • You can be the the first to know about new oilfield activities.
  • Gone are the days of wasting hours manually checking dozens of newspapers and the RRC.
  • You can predict oil & gas permits before they are filed with SWD Pre-Permits.

Pre-Permit Alert Powers Your use Case

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