The Commercial Impact, Company by Company, of TX Seismic Response Areas – Part 2 of 3, The Oilfield Water Markets Conference (video)

By Greg Tsichlis - March 28, 2022

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This is Part 2 of the Oilfield Water Markets Conference that took place in March 2022 in Dallas, TX.  Over 320 attendees plus speakers and presentations from leaders in the water midstream and water oilfield services made this a very informative event.

Sourcenergy Presents

Seismic Response Areas (SRA) and the Art of Seismic Self-Defense (Part 2):

The Commercial Impact of Texas SRAs

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Sourcnergy presentation on seismicity at the Oilfield Water Markets conference

In this keynote address to the Oilfield Water Markets Conference, Sourcenergy Founding CEO Josh Adler gives the definitive explanation of Seismic Response Areas (SRAs), the commercial impacts of the new SRA restrictions company by company, and the best ways for E&P operators, water midstream companies and other oilfield services to defend their assets, mitigate risks and find new opportunities in the new seismic landscape.

Induced seismicity, saltwater disposal (SWD) and the Permian Basin

3.0 magnitude earthquakes in the Permian Basin of West Texas have increased by almost 9,000% annually since 2018, causing the Texas Railroad Commission and the New Mexico Oil Conservation Division to reduce capacity at or shut-in hundreds of saltwater disposal wells (SWDs) for the first time ever. This rise of seismicity threatens the world’s most productive oilfield, the Permian Basin, just when the United States, the Western World and the people of Ukraine need it most.

Part 2 of this 3 part series covers the commercial impacts of Texas SRAs:

  • Analysis of each SRA (NCR, Gardendale, Stanton) and which E&P and water midstream companies are most impacted by seismic restrictions
  • The overall impact of each Texas SRA on water injection, capacity and crude oil production
  • Detailed analysis of the most impacted companies by disposal capacity, water injected and crude oil production disrupted ($$$) or at-risk for each of the three major SRAs

Cited by The Wall Street Journal

This is the definitive analysis of Permian Basin induced seismicity and its commercial impacts by the company cited by the Wall Street Journal as the leading expert in the field.

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